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Some TV Tidbits

Alright, I just got done reading a few articles about current television programs that may not survive this season.  Stuff like this is always discussed around this time, as the networks get ready to shove their awesome mid-season replacements that we all love so much down our throats.  I never really cared one way or another about shows that were gonna get cancelled because of low ratings and whatnot, since I never watched most of the crap that got cut.  But this time a few shows were named that kinda suprised me a little...one specifically you may have already heard about.  They are as follows:

Arrested Development (FOX)

American Dreams (NBC)

Veronica Mars (UPN)

Joan of Arcadia (CBS)

Now the fact that FOX is seriously considering cancelling a show that won the fricking Emmy award for BEST COMEDY just because it has lower ratings than expected even suprises me, and I'm more cynical than my ex-girlfriend being invited to a party by Brad Leaf and Brian Salisberry.  I guess you could say that all four shows are what they call 'cult' shows, where a smaller devoted group of fans tune in every week and not much else.  My question is, what the hell is wrong with that? 

As far as ratings are concerned, 3 out of the 4 shows (Veronica Mars being the exception) finish pretty much in the middle of the pack every week.  Veronica Mars finishes towards the bottom, but that's more to do with the show being on UPN than anything else.  Just for comparison, shows I thought were popular (Scrubs and The O.C.) also finish in the middle of the pack every week, although the network hype would make you believe otherwise.      

Here's the bottom line:  All four of these shows are well-written, get great critical praise, feature young, fresh, talented and good-looking casts, and get decent ratings.  The reason they're being considered for cancellation?  Because the ratings are lower than network expectations.  You know what?  I got the answer for the networks regarding that one:  LOWER YOUR FUCKING EXPECTATIONS!  Not every damn show is gonna get a 30 share, okay?  It's not like they can't sell advertising for these shows, the ad revenue is there for the taking.  The way the country is now, unless you got a 'CSI' or 'Law and Order' in front of your title, or are a shitty degrading reality show featuring people you wouldn't even want to get in the same elevator with, you're not gonna get the greatest ratings.  Just stick with some decent shows already!  Keeping these shows going and delaying some of those wacky sitcoms you got on the shelf...(you know, the ones that always star John Goodman or Bonnie Hunt) might actually help your network in the long run. 

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