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Bye Bye Blue

Tonight was the last episode of NYPD Blue, which leads to the inevitable comparisons to other last episodes ever. I felt the episode did what every series finale has to do, it wrapped up the series and gave viewers a sense of what it was all about. Once orriginal star David Caruso left the show to star in many wonderful movies like 'Kiss of Death' and 'Jade', the show became about the redemption of Andy Sipowicz. (Well, every once in a while it was about Andy's partners dropping like flies. I half expected the show to end with Det. John Clark slipping on spilled coffee, bashing his head on the desk, and John Kelly, Bobby Simone and Danny Sorenson ushering him into the light while Andy stands there and says, 'Oh for Christ sake!') The final episode shows the final act of Andy's redemption. He's now the boss, but he's still Andy and still stands up to authority, but we see that he is a new man since he doesn't drink, doesn't beat up anyone, and doesn't make any racist comments.

The only way the finale fails to live up to the gist of the series as a whole is the lack of swearing and nudity. Come on, would it have killed the producers to give us an ass shot of Det. Murphy? Sure, in the current knee jerk conservative political climate the FCC would have been upset, but what the hell would they have done, pulled the show off the air?

On the whole I felt it was an excellent way to wrap up the series, telling loyal viewers that the last 12 years weren't a complete waste of time. It was right up there with some of the best, like 'Cheers', 'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer', and 'Newhart.' You have to give your viewers a sense that it all meant something, unlike 'Seinfeld', which gave us all a big middle finger.

Meanwhile when May rolls around and some long running show leaves the air, there are article in papers about all-time great series finales. One that gets overlooked is a short-lived sitcom from the late 80's or early 90's whose name I completely forgot. The final episode had the dad getting a job overseas and everyone goes to the airport to see him off. He says his goodbyes then heads off to catch his flight, popping back into the terminal moments later saying 'It's been canceled.' 'What the flight?' someone asks, to which he replies, 'No, the show.' Yeah, not as good as the ending of 'Newhart' but it was orriginal.

Meanwhile, a couple thoughts on 'NYPD Blue.' I stopped watching the show in the late 90's because I was in college and usually drunk when it aired. (Yes, I know it aired on Tuesdays. Who are you to judge me?) What the hell happened to Lesniak and Martinez? I watched the show in high school and they were two prominant characters, I graduate from college and they're nowhere to be seen.

comments (5) 03-02-2005

The People's Comments:

Fair enough

Would you believe I never saw a minute of this show? Any show about cops, doctors, lawyers or accountants living all in the same complex with a swimming pool...never watch em. Now, put two muscle-bound morons in a ring and call it 'sports entertainment', and I'm a slobbering monkey that will stare at it for hours. Well, OK, I do that to anything that resembles sports...

It's because David Caruso is black... duh !

I set a tape to record this episode, but it cut out with 20 minutes to go. On an unrelated note, how come Dennis Franz doesn't get as many 'shout outs' in rap songs as David Caruso? Is it because of that Dixie Chicks video?

I miss Newhart *Big Sigh*

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