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This could be a great storyline for next week's RAW
May 18, 2009

When wrestling and fire collide
Aug 14, 2006

Nate...we hardly knew ye!
Jul 12, 2006

Carson's two loves come together
Jul 06, 2006

So long ECW
Jul 04, 2006



Congrats Coldcat!

The first ever WEYI-TV 'Brand Ambassador'. So do you get a crown or a sash with that title...maybe some cash...oh wait, we don't have any of that there.
Also, in a strange turn of events. I will now become the only LIVE sports anchor on any Mid-Michigan morning show. I start Monday. After all the broken promises...maybe I'm finally getting a break.
Congrats again Coldcat...you cheeky monkey

comments (4) 02-24-2005

The People's Comments:

Hey, it's not 'blowing $200.' It is an investment on sanity. Back me up E.

So what happened? Those of us that don't blow $200 a week on strip clubs want to know!

Congrats to you to Jon !

yes, I rock. I only hope it brings in the chicks, 'cuz the ladies love the branding.

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