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May 18, 2009

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Jul 04, 2006



Another night with Paris

So as soon as I heard that ole Paris Hiltons phone was hijacked...I knew I needed a looksey. The girl doesn't disapoint. Mostly boring girl stuff on her notebook, but a few nice topless shots (not like we've never seen the twins, but still, free boobies) and one of her making out with a girl. Also most of the hot chicks in Hollywood's phone numbers (which I'm sure are all disconnected by now), so it was a fun little hack. I hate Parid for one reason...she is famous for being famous. She can't act, she's not 'model hot' and she makes bad TV with the ugly little umpah-loompa Nichole Richie.

comments (2) 02-22-2005

The People's Comments:

Dude, I think it's funny and all that this happend. But I do feel bad for Anna and the like. Shit, like it's their fault Paris is a moron. Now they have to change numbers... man I'd be pissed.

Additional resouce: http://www.parishiltonsmobile.com/

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