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All New Letter!

I got a response to a job I applied for waaaaaay way back for an editing job in Virginia. Form letter. They appreciate my application but regret to inform me they have chosen someone else. Typical. In the same batch of mail I got a letter from a radio station in Nevada. I applied there almost a year ago and did a couple phone interviews, then didn't hear from them until January. They had let go of their station amanger in November so they couldn't complete the hiring process. Did I mention I had interviewed with them in July? They were doing interviews in July but weren't done by the time the SM left in November. But they told me back then they would re-post the job when it came around to looking again, and sure enough, they are true to their word. That honesty is quite refreshing from a potential employer.

Did manage to hit the Pistons victory rally on Thursday. The morning event in Hart Plaza was a bit of a let-down. I waited down there with a friend for four hours with a fairly decent spot to the left of the stage, but right before the big shin dig a couple dipshits pushed their way through the crowd and stood directly in front of us. I would have kicked them in the nuts, but they were bigger than me. If the Wallace boys do it again next year I'm taking a stun gun to take out any dopes who try to pull that. The gig at the Palace was a lot better. PA superstar Mason did player intros complete with pyro, they replayed the last 5 minutes of game 5 against the Lakers to very loud cheers, and the crowd was so crazy I could only hear about half of what was said. It was also packed, not a seat to be had in the house. Radio station WDFN reported that they even had to turn about 2,000 fans away at the door.

A whopping 16 tapes to send out Monday.

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