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Nov 20, 2012

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Dec 13, 2011



Black Friday Creep

I found a soapbox.. I'm going to stand on it for a moment to see what happens:

Seems to be a lot of talk about this Black Friday creep.

Somehow it seems as though some folks were under the impression that everyone gets to spend time with their loved one's during Thanksgiving.

I'm sure those folks understood that first responders have to work. But that was just a given. But they do get those great perks; from getting shot at to being bled on. But hey the pay is also low to average... so they have that.

If by everyone else they were not including that gas station attendant they stopped to get gas from on Thanksgiving because they didn't fill up on Wednesday. Or maybe those workers at the Meijer they stopped at because they forgot the wipped cream for their pie (but hey, they were open anyhow) Or maybe they forgot about that 50 y/o lady that handed them their coffee because of that long drive ahead of them, they didn't want to nod off.

I'm sure they're not including those folks working the camera's at the NFL game they "just have to watch." Or the ticket collectors, vendors, directors, players, coaches, trainers, refs, parking attendance, or whomever else is forced to work so they can watch some 350lbs OT each a drumstick after a game.

But I'm sure those folks also forget to include my Father of whome I've shared Thanksgiving dinner with maybe 3 or 4 times in my lifetime. Granted he is a first responder or Restaurant Manager I always forget...

Whoa... I best get off this soapbox... I'm starting to get laryngitis...

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