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Why I work a job that doesn't pay well

Our local UHL team, the Flint Generals got in on the act of signing NHL players, tonight introducing Jason Woolley (who spent the last two seasons with the Red Wings after spending most of his career in Buffalo). Well, our Sports Director Marc Jacobson had the idea of sending me down to the arena at 4 this afternoon when Woolley was getting into town to get an interview with him to air at six. I got there right at 4, hoping to interview Head Coach Robbie Nichols first, and as I got to the head coach's office, I saw Nichols walking towards me down the hall, talking on his cell phone. As I got closer it became obvious he was on the phone with his new Defenseman, giving him directions to the arena. He ends the conversation as Woolley pulls into the parking lot, hangs up and says to me, 'I'm going to help him with some of his gear, I'll bring him in through the side door.' So moments later I get footage of the two of them walking in the door and down the hall to the dressing room, when I get interviews with both. By the way, our competition had VO's with file video at 6, while I had video of him setting his bag down at his new locker and had soundbites.

Then comes the game. Sicotte and I both shot it, I shot the game while he just took iso's whenever Woolley was on the ice. Another photog came to pick up our tapes after the first period when the Generals were already down 3-0 and took them back to the station to start editing. Midway through the second there was a big fight, at which point I saw one of the other stations turn the camera off and head for the door. We kept rolling and a minute later Woolley scored. Well, the game didn't end until 10:30. It takes about 30 minutes to get back to the station from the arena, so it was going to be close. We knew we needed post with him to make the day worthwhile, and we finally talked to him at 10:45, leaving the arena at 10:55. We got to the station at 11:20, I ran to one edit bay to cut the sound, Sicotte to another to add the goal to the VO, and it was on air three min after we got back. No one else in town had the goal, one other station had post, the other had an interview they did before the game. Sure, my paycheck won't be all that huge, but the adrenaline rush and the feeling of beating the competition were worth it.

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Oh, and Eric, I saw your package this morning, it looked good. *Now for those not in the 'biz', I didn't just complement him on his genitalia, it's a TV word for a fully produced story that is not just pics and sound... you sickos

And...I didn't get a speeding THAT'S a good day!

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