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Why 2-14 sucks ass

No one remembers the true reason for the season anymore. You'd think there'd be some tradition minded sap out there who would gather seven enemies of the Capone outfit in a Chicago parking garage and shoot them, but no. Today it's all chocolate and roses, and if you're a single guy like me, there's. . . well, Playstation, while the entire day is spent with constant reminders of what you don't have, and constant reminders of how happy a lot of people are who have it. Sure, I'm slightly sad about being single, but I realize it's mostly because I'm waiting for that perfect woman to come along, and since I consider the perfect woman to be one who is mentally stable, literate, and won't sleep with every guy she meets, I know that woman doesn't exist.

Ladies, feel free to send me your death threats and/or marriage proposals

comments (1) 02-15-2005

The People's Comments:

I'm single. I'm happy. Come on Eric join me in my happiness. And on a side note.. there is no way in hell you can find that woman. How many times I gots to tell you this?

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