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Burn Our Flag?

To those protesters that ... Well, you'll know who I'm talking about as you read this...

I'm a firm believer in the First Amendment.. I need to be clear on that before this rant.

You can rant and rave about how much you hate the current gov't. I'll still call you an American.  You can protest with chant, funny signs, and costumes.  I'll still call you an American.  You can write books,  movies, and radio shows on why you think the US is heading in the wrong direction and you don't like it.  I'll still call you an American.  You can pretty much do anything you want in a nonviolent way.  I will still call you an American.  You can call me a commie pinko bastard, you can tell me how 'unAmerican' I am.  Yet, I WILL still call you an American.

What you can't do, in my eyes and still be called an American: You can not burn the symbol of this great country.  Once you do that, to me you have renounced your citizenship.  Do you have the right to burn the Flag (you know because of free speech and all)?  You sure do.  But you have lost the right to be an called an American.

How come I think I have the right to make such a statement?  Out of the same right, that you have chosen to burn our Flag: Free Speech.  I'm not a religious man, but this inference is as simple as they come.  If you've professed that you are a Christian, then walk into the Catholic Church and burn the bible, you have pretty much renounced your Christianity. That's how I feel if you burn the Flag, you are renouncing your Citizenship.  You can try and justify it anyway you want... but that's what you have done. 

Now please find yourself a new home. Because understand this:  I will exercise my free speech knowing full well the repercussions of my actions if I ever run across you folks.  I will firmly put my 10 1/2 boot (or shoe as the case maybe) up your ass.  And mind you this, be thankful I don't have size 12's.

Hate me or love me, you must understand that the burning of the American Flag as an American isn't the ultimate form of protest; it's the ultimate form of hate.

comments (2) 01-21-2005

The People's Comments:

Yes burning the flag as one should do when the flag is old and worn is the right thing to do... I didn't put that in there because I wasn't discussing the proper way to dispose of the flag.

I suppose that makes many members of the American Legion (not to mention innumerable current members of our nation's armed forces) un-American in your eyes. After all, they're the ones usually charged with burning flags when they are 'no longer a fitting emblem for display.' Something tells me that you wouldn't put a size anything in any of them. ;)

Of course, when a protester burns an American flag, it's often for the same reason: they no longer consider the flag, as a symbol of the United States of America, to be worthy of display. As long as they no longer wish to claim the protections and benefits (and responsibilities) of U.S. citizenship, I'm OK with that.

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