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Mr. Two termer

OK, so W is halfway through his presidency. Here's the thing, historically speaking, second terms are considerably less idealistic and rosey. In fact, some second terms seem downright cursed. Just take a look at what happened in years four through eight of some of the other guys.

William Jefferson Clinton- Impeached for getting a blowjob.

Ronald Wilson Reagan- Iran Contra

Richard Milhouse Nixon- Almost impeached after being implicated in a B and E

Dwight David Eisenhower- Fidel Castro starts a civil war in Cuba, USSR launches Sputnik.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt- Depression worsens with the Recession of 1938, World War II begins.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson- After running on a campaign platform of 'He kept us out of war,' he gets us into a war. Then the League of Nations fell through. Then he had a stroke. Then Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees.

William McKinley- Shot and killed.

Stephen Grover Cleveland- US merchants overthrow the Queen of Hawai'i, Utah becomes a state.

Hiram Ulysses Grant- Horid backroom deal to keep the GOP in the White House results in segregation decending upon the south.

Abraham Lincoln- Shot in the head.

Andrew Jackson- Didn't get to shoot anybody (trust me, for Andrew Jackson, a good day was one in which he got to shoot somebody)

James Monroe- Introduces the Monroe Doctrine which provides that Europe will look after Europe and we'll look after the Americas, meanwhile all hell is breaking loose in South America and we don't do anything.

James Monroe- Washington burned to the ground by invading British forces.

Thomas Jefferson- The Burr Plot

George Washington- Whiskey Rebelion

comments (2) 01-21-2005

The People's Comments:

Yeah, I vote on the whole Utah thing being the worst.

I can't believe it, out of all those awful things to happen, Utah becoming a state has to be the worst, right?

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