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This just in...

You can now start to see my smiling face every other weekend on NewsCenter 25! Woooo.
So I found out Thursday that my schedule has been altered so that I will be able to officially anchor sports on Saturdays. Now right now it's every other weekend (I have to SHARE! Bah!), but I have a feeling that they way things are going...most not in my control, I could have a grasp of working every Saturday on air, which would be sweet!
For those not in the 'TV-biz', every area in the country is assigned a market number, there is about 212 'markets'...the Flint/Saginaw market is lower Top 100 (about 65-70-ish)...Marquette (the ole hometown) is market 177...so for me to jump 100 markets is pretty sweet. Of course this has been a long and tedious accomplishment in which I started about two years ago.
It's nice to know that talent and being nice sometimes works just as much as practically getting on your knees and sucking cock and kissing ass. Although, admittidley, doing so will get you farther, faster.

comments (3) 01-15-2005

The People's Comments:

don't see a picture on the website. i won't believe it until then. the internet doesn't lie.

And of course at the end of the day you're still working for Barrington Broadcasting... BTW, great story from your sister station in Peoria. Paul Ferrante, the evening anchor, apparently has had an abscessed tooth recently. A few days ago during their afternoon news meeting, he fell out of his chair and was on the floor withering in pain. Well, the people at the meeting thought he was faking it and nobody helped him for THREE MINUTES. He was literally crying when they finally helped him and he had to go get an emergency root canal. Isn't it great to know management really cares about their talent?

Of course since you're sharing a desk with Ginger and Kelly, absolutely no one will be looking at you.

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