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I guess that means...

You said we'd always be together,
And nothing could ever tear us apart.
You said you knew you loved me,
You could feel it in your heart.
You promised you'd love me forever,
And love doesnt change over night.
You said you cherished each minute together,
Every moment holding me tight.
You claimed you'd do anything for me,
There was nothing you wouldn't do.
You said if we kept no secrets,
There wasnt anything we couldnt get through.
You told me I was beautiful,
And I was perfect in every way.
You said that I was always on your mind,
You thought about me each and everyday.
You said you felt special when we were close,
Like all your worries had disappeared.
You claimed that you'd want me always,
Us being apart you greatly feared.
But here I am broken, torn ... all alone.
There's emptiness where you stood by my side.
That means many promises were broken,
I guess that means .. you lied.

My note: Again, I didn't write this one either, and I'm not sure who did.

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