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Coach Young resignation (Dec 21, 2012)

Coach resignation accepted
Young Creative Solutions begins search for Coach Young's replacement
Following Coach Young's resignation, the search for the new Ex-Cons head varsity football coach has begun.

On the same day that Young Creative Solutions accepted Young's resignation, they announced Tuesday that they will be accepting applications from internal candidates first and then external candidates. CEO J.D Young said he anticipates that a coach will be in place before the start of next season.

Ex-Cons managing director the former Coach CrashNet explained the procedure for selecting the next head coach for the Ex-Cons.

"The head coaching position has been officially posted in-house, as is required by our union contract," CrashNet said. "The posting will last for 10 days, from Dec. 22 through Dec. 31.
"After Dec. 31, we are free to post the position outside the orginazation, which we plan to do until we find the right applicant," CrashNet said. "this shouldn't last very long as the Ex-Cons are the hottest team in the FFF.

"After the internal and during the external posting, our search committee will go through the applications and select those (applicants) that we are looking to interview for the position," CrashNet said.

"We do want a coach in place as quickly as possible," CrashNet said. "However, we're not going to rush through this and possibly miss on a good candidate for the Ex-Cons.

The coaching candidates will be interviewed by the committee. Once a selection is made, that person will be recommended to J.D.

Young, who had been the head coach off and on since 2002, submitted his letter of resignation on Dec. 21. The Northern Michigan University graduate compiled an 53-63 record during his nine years as coach. While he was never able to get the Ex-Cons over the hump, he was still a fan favorite and his resenation was a shock to the FFF.

Young's letter didn't state exactly why he was leaving, but some speculate that he felt there was too little to work with over last two years and thought it would be better just let a "button pusher" head up the team from now on. However the letter did say that this would leave him more time to watch porn and jerk-off.

"I would like to thank Coach Young, his family and his staff for their years of service to the Ex-Cons," said J.D. Young. "He felt that it was best for him and his family to step down at this time. He was very gracious to the Ex-Cons for having the opportunity to lead these men onto the football field. Everything he's done for this league has been done with class and character."

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