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So let's review the past few days shall we?

Tuesday morning:  6 inches of snow, turning to freezing rain.  I got stuck in my driveway for three hours and eventually made it into work around noon.

Wednesday morning:  Massive rainfall, even more difficult to drive through.  I made it into work and had to ring out my socks.

Wednesday evening:  Fog so dense it caused several billion car pile-ups on almost every major highway.  I had to go to Briarwood to buy a suit and I couldn't even see where the hell JC Pennys was or how to get there.

Thursday morning:  55 degrees out at like 6 in the morning, all the snow melted, and like 30 mph winds that blew me back and forth faster than my ex-girlfriend at a Tijuana dick-sucking contest. 

Thursday evening:  Temperatures drop to the mid-twenties, more fog, and it's now snowing again.

Prediction for Friday:  Huge amounts of excrement will fall from the sky until around 11, giving way to a weird greenish glow that will hover until 5, then for about two hours the sky will sound like 'Mini-Me' Verne Troyner having a drunken orgasm, making way for a huge blizzard and tornadoes every ten miles.

You just wait.  It'll happen.   

comments (3) 01-13-2005

The People's Comments:

What's the difference between 35 degrees and zero degrees? It all feels like a woman to me.

Try it barely reaching ZERO up here in MQT all weekend. Last Thursday we went from 35 degrees in the morning to a -35 degree wind chill at night and had a wind chill warning over the weekend. To top things off, Becky 'accidentally' stole my only pair of gloves from work.

The weather around Ann Arbor has been ridiculous lately. Today it barely reached 20 but all the icicles melted off my house. Go figure. At least I didn't have to deal with driving in this crap... free bus pass, baby!

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