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So I keep seeing all the tsunami video from places all around the Indian Ocean, Kenya, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, everywhere, and in every piece of video there are people just milling about on the beach. Now, when a tsunami has just wiped out tens of thousands of people, is that where you want to be? Tsunami is not the time to learn how to surf, kids. It's the time you learn mountain climbing. Seriously, if your southern Indian village has just been erased from the map, Mt. Everest seems like a nice place to be.

Also, as alluded to in one of my FWC entries from about two weeks ago, Turkey is now a potential EU member. There are some concerns in the EU from those who think Turkey does not embrace secular values and gender equity. Hell, most Americans don't embrace secular values and gender equity, maybe Turkey should be the 51st state. They'd be a solid red state. It should be noted that even if we wanted it, the US would not be eligible for inclusion in the EU, since they will not consider any member with the death penalty.

I also hope you all remember the true reason for the recently concluded season. . . .taking over the holy day of a rival faith for your own popularity. Happy Mithras-mas!

comments (3) 12-29-2004

The People's Comments:

This coming from a guy who I actually sat and ate lunch with saying something is 'wrong'? =)

Jason, that was just wrong buddy.

R.I.P. Blue Tsunami Oh, wrong thing...

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