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Some answers would be nice.

So, because of Carson... I started checking out some singles sites again.  This time I stayed away from Hot or Not, that site is just too addictive too me.  I love the female body way too much to try to check that site back out.


Anyhow back to what I really wanted to beef about.  Why the FUCK are their more 'bi-females' now then straight.  Better yet, why are all the 'bi-females' only looking for girls if they really are 'bi'?  Ok, I'll one up all that: Why are their more girls looking for girls then they are looking for men?


Anyone... can anyone answer this?  Really help me out here.

comments (2) 12-21-2004

The People's Comments:

Coldcat's comment is right on the money. Here's my additional $.02:

It makes more sense for women to be bisexual because of numbers. There are more women in the USA than there are men, and that's not even accounting for such factors as incarceration (more men are in prison) and longevity (women in general live longer).

There's more I could say, but I'm saving it for my own post [blatant plug].

Justin, they just don't want to look for you. If hooking up with other ladies is what it takes to avoid an e-mail from you, so be it. Plus, they get enough guys drooling on them in bars, at work, occasionally at red lights, they don't need to go online looking for the man-meat. (We now pause for this message from the Republican Party- Women searching online for other women is morally corrupt and would be the end of marriage as we know it if it is allowed to continue, even though woman on woman action is hot as all hell.)

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