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Charges dropped in pre-game incident
Nov 29, 2011

Report: C-Deezy arrested before Ex-Cons game
Nov 27, 2011

Deezies Sports Limited press conference 10-4-11
Oct 04, 2011

Apparently the Chileans have been engaged in "off-shore drilling"
Oct 11, 2010

Afterparty transcript delayed
Oct 01, 2010



Apparently the Chileans have been engaged in "off-shore drilling"

From The Globe and Mail :

"The miners will decide today who they wish to meet, a step that will allow them some ability to handle the inter-personal conflicts that have arisen through their two months of entrapment, including marital disputes and the discovery by wives of several mistresses." (emphasis mine)

Can't say I ever read about that in the domestic press.  Go Canada!



comments (2) 10-11-2010

The People's Comments:

I've been reading other reports as the miners are being brought to the surface, and am beginning to question the use of the plural in the Globe and Mail report.  MSNBC reported that one of the miners planned to have his wife, sister, and mistress meet him, but his wife declined.  I have yet to find details of any other extramarital discoveries.

...and, most of all, I'm thankful that these guys not only survived the accident, not only are being rescued, but are coming home well before Christmas.  The worst-case scenario had them below ground well into next year.

Did not match up with our media's "feel good" story.This story wouldn't come out until after we interview them calling them all heroes. You know build 'em up, tear 'em down.

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