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Nov 20, 2012

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Dec 13, 2011



I'll edit this later...

The FCC is looking in to the ABC-MNF... and they are going to fine them because?

Oh yeah people are bitching.  The FCC does nothing unless people complain...

These are same people that watch soaps with their 6 y/o child, before dropping them off to kindergarten.  These are the same folks that get after five minutes of getting out of church tell their kids to 'shut the fuck up' because 'Mommies has to concentrate on driving.'  These are the same folks that preach morality, but hate anyone diffrent then them. These are the same folks that have been divorced twice and working on their third proclaiming 'moral values.'

Indecent they say.  Do you know what is indecent?  It's not an image of a naked woman.  It's not the word fuck.  Indecent in this case would be your actions.

comments (2) 11-18-2004

The People's Comments:

I think THEY didn't like it because it was a black man and a white woman.

Testify my brother!!

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