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Happy Anniversary, sweetums

Let me tell you all about a very special anniversary.
It was ten years ago today that I first laid eyes on that special someone. Let me take you back. It was September of 2000. I was living in the Center St apartments with Dave, when he mysteriously dropped out of school. After the month-long going away party followed two days later by the Dave-comes-back-to-visit party I found myself in a completely trashed apartment with no stuff. The microwave, the VCR, the TV, the bar, most of the lamps, they were all Dave's. Now rebuilding the bar wasn't going to happen (far too lazy for that) but I couldn't live without TV, so I had to go get one. At the end of the previous year Jody had given me a TV when he graduated, but at some point during the summer, it got broken, and for some reason I had taken it to Fenton to get it fixed and just sort of left it there. So I packed up the old red Cavalier and headed for Fenton because there were other things I needed to get from there too. Digging the old TV out of whatever dusty closet it was in, I took it to a repair place where I was told it would cost more to fix than to just buy a new TV. That night my dad and I went to K-Mart and I bought a new TV.
That TV was with me through the thick and thin. Through the semester in Spooner Hall, the year in Sawyer, and being an unemployed college grad back in Fenton. I watched the 2002 winter olympics on it, was introduced to a little something called Scrubs, and had it hooked up to my very first PS2.
Then in 2005 I moved in with Justin's 56 inch TV. When Justin moved out a couple years later, he tragically took it with him. I begged him not to, even wrote to my congressman for a stay, but to no avail. It was back to the old, small TV from K-Mart.
But I gutted it out. I had it hooked up to a DVR, which might be a crime against humanity, and to the ol' PS2, and we had some good times.
But my brother-in-law worked at Best Buy back then and used his employee discount to get me a new, larger, high def TV for Christmas. The old K-Mart TV was back to being unwanted.
So I sold it to Jon Sicotte for a six pack of beer.
Many years later, I move to Indiana and lo and behold, there's my old TV waiting for me in the newsroom. The Journal Review had only had a much smaller TV welded to a corner of the room up near the ceiling where no one could see it, so Jon brought in the old K-Mart TV to take its place.
And now we live happily together again. If the Colts and playing, I have the game on my old TV so I can later put the score in the paper. If I need to know how the Reds are doing, my old TV will have the answer. It's like we were never apart.

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Yeah -- sorry about that.. but she had to come with me.

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