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God bless the music industry!

I don't know if anyone caught Saturday Night Live last night, but if not you missed an all-time classic musical performance by Ashlee Simpson.  Ashlee of course is the sister of Jessica Simpson, and according to MTV we all have to care about Ashlee's desire to record her own music, despite having little talent for singing and/or writing songs.  

So anyway, last night on SNL after performing one of her classic hits (and doing a pretty blatant job of lip-synching) she came back out for her second performance, and apparantly there was a screw up in production because someone cued up the same song, complete with lip-synched vocal tracks, which Ashlee wasn't ready for, then there was some confusion and Ashlee did a dumb little dance to try and cover up, then she finally walked off the stage while the 'band' kept 'playing' the song as they abruptly cut to commercial!

During the closing credits, Ashlee blamed her band for playing the wrong song.  Really?  So those musicians were so stupid that they forgot what song they played a half hour before and went on to play it again?!  And if it really was the wrong song, were they so dumb that they couldn't just stop and start over and play the right one?    

Here's the thing that bugs me:  Why did she have to lip-synch in the first place?  It's not like she was doing some high-choreographed dance routine, she was just standing there singing!!  And it's pretty obvious that her band was pretty much faking it too!  If you have to lip-synch all the time to sound better live, you're not a real musician.  You're just a manufactured pawn that was created to make money.  You know, kinda like Josh Hartnett.

Keep 'em coming MTV.         

comments (3) 10-24-2004

The People's Comments:

Justin of course does not actually have any clue what the hell happened on SNL. He just felt a burning need to mention that little trip to Vegas without it seeming like he's bragging. But as for the 'singer' on SNL, I'd just like to quote Elton John, 'since when is lip sync-ing 'live'?'

Yeah, we saw that while in Vegas it was pretty fucked up. We really didn't know what was going on. I think that's because we were pretty fucked up.

You can find the video at http://www.ebaumsworld.com/ashlee-snl.html

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