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Facebook teams up with LWJ.

Lapeer, MI -- Young Creative Solutions announces a partnership with "It has been a long time coming," states Justin Young CEO of Young Creative Solutions. "it seems like a natural fit. We here at YCS have a very loose meaning of the word 'privacy' and no one has a looser meaning of that word then Facebook."

"We are very excited that added the 'like' button to sections of the site. Justin Young is a great guy that understands the need for privacy starts and ends at your bedroom door," said Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook. "Seriously, part of LWJ's privacy policy actually states: 'Generally speaking, we do not intentionally disclose your information to third parties without your consent. Ok, that isn't true.' It then goes out to spell out why and when they would disclose your personal information. That takes some big balls right there. We really should look into switching our policy over to LWJ's."

LifeWith Justin would also like to remind users that they can add any FWP as a wall post.

comments (2) 05-21-2010

The People's Comments:

Oh... they are out there.

lol, like there are still myspace users. c'mon, what is this, 2005?

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