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Two new FOX comedies

A pair of new shows debuted tonight. First up is Andy Richter's new gig 'Quintuplets.' The show has promise, and has quite a few pluses, especially Richter who gets to show off some skills. There are a few quirks to iron out. The five teens come off as mostly two dimensional, though there should be plenty of time to round them out. All of the high school stereotypes are represented (ditzy blonde, popular jock, unpopular girl, the short smart guy, and the guy who may have been dropped on his head at some point). If they mold these from cardboard cutouts into fully realized characters this show could have a future. They also need to keep the parents from constantly refering to their children as 'The Quints.' Evidently we need the fact that there are five of them constantly drummed into our heads.

Next up is 'Method and Red' featuring two rappers who move into a well-to-do community in New Jersey. The dynamic of the fish out of water works well enough here with Method Man and Redman both turning in good performances. There were some things here I didn't find all that funny, such as the inept security guard, but there is enough here to make it worth while.

One problem is with the scheduling. Both new shows are at the bottom of the hour, following an episode of the horrific train wreck that is 'Simple Life 2.' This leads to the inevitable low ratings because viewers can't stomach two minutes of the rich girls on tour, so they turn to one of the hour-long shows on another network and miss the actually good stuff on FOX at half past. Way to go, kill off a pair of potentially good sitcoms to breathe life into an annoying little reality farce.

In other news, with champions you get a parade. The Pistons parade is this morning. I will post a full report. Look for it!!!

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