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Top 10 Albums of 2009

Ahhh 2009, the year in music.  Let’s see, Michael Jackson died, Kanye West acted like a douche bag again, Lady Gaga wore weird outfits…yeah that’s about it.  Shockingly there was good music out there if you looked real hard to find it.  Here’s my top 10 favorite albums of 2009:


10.  The Black Crowes – Before The Frost




These guys have quietly become the 21st century version of The Band, playing this awesome blues-country-rock hybrid.  It’s probably all Kate Hudson’s fault, be sure to thank her for me.


9.  Pearl Jam - Backspacer




These guys had the mother of all comebacks in 2006 with their self-titled album, and here’s another great one.  Not sure what exactly sparked this creative output, I’m just glad they finally decided to record listenable songs again.


8.  Norah Jones – The Fall




I admit I’m a little biased on this one…I love Norah Jones so much she could record an entire album of her just reading the script to the movie “The Chill Factor” over a hip-hop beat and I would still buy the damn thing.


7.  Dead Weather - Horehound




It’s been like nine years now and I’m still waiting for Jack White to record something that’s not awesome.  I’ll probably be waiting a long time.  The dude even made a great album with Loretta Lynn of all people.  The Dead Weather is yet another side project for Jack…less poppy than the Raconteurs, more rugged than the White Stripes, and he plays the drums instead of guitar!  (Plus this video is wicked cool)


6.  Wilco – Wilco (The Album)




Featuring the song “Wilco (the song)”.  Who said these guys lost their sense of humor?  And screw Phish, this is the band everyone should see live at some point.  Myself included.  Gimmie a break, I’m waiting to ask a girl that wants to go with me.  Hopefully Wilco’s still touring in the year 2029.


5.  Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You 




Yeah sure make fun of me all you want, I love me some Lily Allen.  Her second album sees Lily grow a little from her bratty, potty-mouthed debut.  She still swears like the characters on Deadwood, but here it’s with a greater purpose, as she tackles dealing with fame, drugs, society, etc.  She’s the first female artist her age to actively call out her female celebrity counterparts on all their shit, and it’s damn refreshing.  And she still finds time to add another song about how she dumped her boyfriend because he was lousy in bed.  A basic point about women that scares me more than the green dragon in Mega Man 2.


4.  Julian Casablancas – Phrazes For The Young




The lead singer of The Strokes does a solo album, and it sounds…pretty much like a Strokes album, but with way more wacky synthesizers.  And check out the first song (Out of the Blue) If that’s not the catchiest song you’ve heard in the last five years, I’ll give you your money back!  Wait, what?


3.  Brendan Benson – My Old Familiar Friend




Jack White’s songwriting partner in The Raconteurs, Benson trumps White this year with his 4th solo album, creating another power pop masterpiece.  He’s got the 70’s power pop sound down so good, there’s a few songs on here that sound like they could’ve been B-Sides for Paul McCartney & Wings.  And I’m saying that as a compliment, I liked Wings, smartasses.


2.  The Postmarks – Memoirs At The End Of The World




This album sounds like it could’ve been a soundtrack to some 1960’s spy movie.  Not much more to say than that, these are some of the coolest, catchiest songs I’ve heard from a band I hadn’t heard of before clicking on some link I found on Amazon.


1.  Diane Birch – Bible Belt




My favorite record of the year, Ms. Birch might be the second coming of Carole King.  Her voice is amazing but not over-powering and her music has a jazzy gospel feel to it.  It’s one of those rare albums where every song sounds better than the one before it until you reach the end.  Then you listen to it again and again.  Then you sign up for her fan club and get exclusive emails and follow her around on tour and get in fights with other losers because they think Sara Bareilles is better and you remind them they’re not the same style and they lock you in a port-a-john and force you to re-examine your life.  Oops, never mind all that.  It’s just a really great album.  

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