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Yahoo said to LWJ -- Fuck You !

Fuck you too! is LWJ's hosting partner.

Yahoo thought it would be a good idea to change they way they execute php scripts.thus killing most of LWJ.

While we were quick to disable the functions that failed due to this, we've been slow in getting these functions back up and running.

Currently, you can post comments on photos, enter blogs, edit blogs, and drink coffee. If you pay close attention, you'll even notice we are using a new text editor... you are welcome.

We'll get the rest of the site up and running very soon.  In the mean time please keep your pants on (or off, who am I to tell you what to do in  your own place, or "coffee shop".)

I'll post another blog as things progress.

With that said, please know that LWJ is going to be going through what we hope is major changes a new layout and features.

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