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This could be a great storyline for next week's RAW
May 18, 2009

When wrestling and fire collide
Aug 14, 2006

Nate...we hardly knew ye!
Jul 12, 2006

Carson's two loves come together
Jul 06, 2006

So long ECW
Jul 04, 2006



Voting stuff

I took this, and it once again reinforced what I already knew about my political leanings.
Try it and remember to vote
If you don't know where to vote, or if you are even registered, try this site:
Hope that this helps since the ballot you will vote with is shown and it also gives most websites for the candidates. Take 5 minutes to check them all over the next month and decide who you want.
I mean, why be Americans if you can't vote for the assholes you get to be pissed off at for the next few years...right?

comments (3) 10-07-2004

The People's Comments:

Sicotte~ Its pixie. get ahold of me. amandajayska@gmail.com

never knew there were so many libertarians in the world. oh, and the code that they show to get more info 'if by chance' you come up libertarian is nice. where's manuel noreaga when you need him?

One of the best tools the gov't has created: publius.org. I've been passing this around for the last two years.

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