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Where the hell was ER last night?!

This is what I got out of the debate, which is pretty much along the lines of Justin and Rob:

Kerry:  'The President's WRONG!  Everything is WRONG!  I'm RIGHT!  I'll make it better!  He made it worse!  Blah Blah Blah!'

Bush:  'Uhh...umm...(looks down for an uncomfortable amount of time)  No, I'm RIGHT!  We're doing the right thing!  Kerry flip-flops!  Do you really want someone who changed their minds about stuff?  Uhh...Blah Blah Blah Liberty!'

And to make things even more fun, all the 'experts' and other politicians that were interviewed afterwards pretty much said the following:

Any Democrat:  'I think Kerry won, Bush looked confused and Kerry looked confident because he was a plan we'll fix this mess and blah blah blah...'

Any Republican:  'I think Bush won, Kerry contradicted himself and Bush looked poised and smug and didn't recommend any OBGYN's fondling women this time and blah blah blah...'

The two things that were going through my mind during last night's debate were:  'God, I hate politicians' and 'Where the hell is ER?'

comments (2) 10-01-2004

The People's Comments:

What's that? Pick what category? Oh on the form deal, okay. Jesus, I didn't know we had to do that...I'll fire off another post and THEN you'll be proud of me damnit!

Now now, I don't mind them killing off ER for this. Why? Because I don't like ER :)
One more thing... damn it haas when you post pick an Fn' category!

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