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Bush Vs. Kerry... an AIM conversation.

There you go folks, Rob and I talking about he debates on 9-30-04, I of course am OICrashnet and Rob is then obviously IMaddictboy.  As you saw Rob got so bored that Rob went to bed.  I on the other hand stayed up.  I think Bush won honestly.  But Kerry did show a lot of good things tonight.  If he keeps it up though the next two debates, he might just win this thing yet.


IMaddictboy: I was kinda hoping Kerry would try to shed the pompous asshole persona...

OICrashnet: this debate is just U.G.L.Y

IMaddictboy: this is a waste of time.

IMaddictboy: Iíve read enough cnn to know everything they're going to say.

OICrashnet: true that

OICrashnet: but it's fun to watch them suck it up

OICrashnet: cause they both are

IMaddictboy: here's the entire debate....

IMaddictboy: 'the president didnít' do a good job with......'

IMaddictboy: 'hey buddy, Iím doing the best I can and people understand that...'

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: I can't watch this.

OICrashnet: wait.. I want to see what Kerry says back

IMaddictboy: what channel are you watching it on?

OICrashnet: abc

IMaddictboy: nbc said fuck the rules.  they're doing split screen all the time.

OICrashnet: abc is quite a bit

IMaddictboy: uh oh.....asking Kerry specifics!!!!

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: and he answers with a question.. :-)

OICrashnet: lol

OICrashnet: and you are going to do that?

OICrashnet: how?

IMaddictboy: fuck that....Iím going to invest in my 401k. :-)

OICrashnet: lol

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: lol

IMaddictboy: he's kicking Kerryís ass.

OICrashnet: that was funny as hell

IMaddictboy: I can't wait to watch the daily show tonight.

OICrashnet: fuck you

IMaddictboy: oh....

IMaddictboy: 'when Iím in Washington...'

IMaddictboy: shouldn't have said that.

OICrashnet: slap

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: ummmmmm

OICrashnet: fffaaa  faaa ffaaaa.. uh

IMaddictboy: wasn't there just a report saying that hardly any of the Iraqis have actually completed a full training course?

OICrashnet: that's what I love about this guy.. he's smart as hell but he can't talk

OICrashnet: Kerry: you are not giving them everything they need.. and ....

OICrashnet: you already said mission accomplished

IMaddictboy: ouch......

IMaddictboy: how do you call someone out by saying their dad was smart enough not to do something.....

OICrashnet: lol

OICrashnet: better yet.. he just said that Iraq had nukes lol

IMaddictboy: wtf?

OICrashnet: I don't know what he just said

IMaddictboy: I don't either.

IMaddictboy: this debate makes me want to vote for bush.

IMaddictboy: that scares me.

IMaddictboy: where's my boy al???

IMaddictboy: al sharpton what!!

OICrashnet: yeah.. that's what debates do for bush

OICrashnet: he's a sneaky little bastard

IMaddictboy: steaks?

IMaddictboy: mmmmm

OICrashnet: I'll take a porterhouse

OICrashnet: bush's body language isn't good

IMaddictboy: he says 'good luck with that surgery!'

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: seriously....ship these fuckers to Russia, let Tony Blair be our president.

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: ha!

IMaddictboy: Poland in the heeeeeezy!

OICrashnet: bush is kinda slapn' him around

OICrashnet: Kerry is going to say something about.. I've been there, I didn't have to watch how hard it is

IMaddictboy: where's john McCain when you need him?


OICrashnet: but I like the bush debates ;-)

OICrashnet: I miss the one with Gore ;-)

OICrashnet: he does stay on message .. wow

IMaddictboy: ....I thought this was homeland security....not making Iraq a fucking resort.

OICrashnet: lol

OICrashnet: going in my profile

IMaddictboy: .....and we also rule 90% of the world.

OICrashnet: yes

IMaddictboy: oh....haha

IMaddictboy: you ass. :-)

OICrashnet: lol

OICrashnet: come on that's a great quote, you should get credit

IMaddictboy: :-D

OICrashnet: would you like me to strip  your name?

IMaddictboy: hell naw.

IMaddictboy: nbc is on a delay.

IMaddictboy: interesting.  steveo's watching it on abc.

OICrashnet: lol

OICrashnet: so is fox

OICrashnet: I love that they have bush's podium raised

OICrashnet: he had 4

IMaddictboy: fuck....Iíll change positions all night.  keep that bitch on her toes wondering what's coming next.

IMaddictboy: ;-)

OICrashnet: sure ... 2 where the same.. and the other 2 were the same.. but it went  a b a b

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: ummm no.

IMaddictboy: crackheads....don't matter.

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: ffffffffffffffffffffff freedom

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: hmmmm good point.

OICrashnet: yep

IMaddictboy: DOT COM!!

OICrashnet: wahhooo.. he plugged the site!

OICrashnet: bush best do some plugging

IMaddictboy: haha

IMaddictboy: I thought he was having a stroke there for a second.

OICrashnet: lol

OICrashnet: umm... quite are for bush.. hmmmm....

OICrashnet: that's bull shit.. I saw what he said..

OICrashnet: it was in a debate

OICrashnet: he said they have nukes again

OICrashnet: did he just say with a little training?

IMaddictboy: I so confused.

OICrashnet: of course bush just said he wouldn't leave

OICrashnet: 'speaking clearly' bush? nawww

IMaddictboy: I wanna hear him say 'strategery'!!!

OICrashnet: lol

OICrashnet: but Libya was already working on that

IMaddictboy: lol

IMaddictboy: I was gonna say.....libya?...

OICrashnet: but sadam had been attacking us for the last 10 years

IMaddictboy: steveo wants one of them to say 'pwned'

IMaddictboy: :-)

OICrashnet: lol

IMaddictboy: hahahahhahahaa

IMaddictboy: celebrity death match biatch!

IMaddictboy: ludicrous???

OICrashnet: lol


IMaddictboy: dar what?

OICrashnet: we didn't have pre-empt

IMaddictboy: fuck it, Iím going to bed.

IMaddictboy: night.

OICrashnet: lol

OICrashnet: night

OICrashnet: I should post this on my site ;-)

IMaddictboy: lol aright.

IMaddictboy: take out the positions part.

IMaddictboy: ;-)

OICrashnet: fuck no ;-)

OICrashnet: I'm leaving it all in ;-)

IMaddictboy: byotch!

IMaddictboy signed off at 9:59:41 PM.

comments (1) 09-30-2004

The People's Comments:

Don't forget Poland! You forgot Poland! Seriously, two hours of saying, 'mixed messages,' and 'Don't forget Poland,' wins you a debate?

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