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I may have to start watching the Tonight Show . . . .in 2009

Jay Leno thankfully follows in the footsteps of Craig Kilborn and puts all his viewers out of their misery by announcing his retirement. Sadly, he is simply announcing he plans to retire, he'll stick around for another four years. NBC does make the great choice of naming Conan O'Brian the new host when Leno does step down. What a novel concept, having the current host of the 12:30 show move up to 11:30 when the incumbant leaves. Why didn't the network think of that, oh, 12 years ago. But the big question is how different is Conan's show going to be (I never watched Leno so I could really care less about how different the Tonight Show will be). Will NBC execs allow the Fed Ex Pope at 11:30? Will Raymond be allowed to pass out Preperation H an hour earlier? Will the Coked Up Werewolf be able to get enough blow in him for an 11:30 show? And will the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian feature the creepiest of all current Late Nite characters, Joel Goddard? Hopefully the network will allow Conan to make the show his own.

comments (2) 09-27-2004

The People's Comments:

Oh come on now Haas, I know we all don't like Leno, but saying Daly would have been better? I think you go too far :)

Thank God, our long national nightmare will be over in four years! I'm actually suprised that NBC will go with Conan. I figured they'd give the job to another comedy visionary like Carson Daly or Ryan Seacrest. Sadly though, even Carson Daly would be better than Leno ever was. I wonder if Conan will still bring out Li'l Jay Leno?

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