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Important highway and research projects!

Just a couple of items from the 'things that are annoying the bloody hell out of me' catalog:

I'm sure a few of you have experienced the joy that is travelling on US23, especially during the summer construction projects that seem to last until February of the next year.  We're all used to it, no big deal.  But something's been going on this year since summer began that I'm still trying to figure out.  Since around June, US23 went down to one lane for both Northbound and Southbound, for a stretch of highway about 7-8 miles between Dundee and Ann Arbor.  But as I made the trip everyday, I started noticing that on some days, both lanes were open, and on other days they were closed again!  So basically every day, people had to guess on whether there would be a straight drive to work or a ten minute traffic jam (because most idiot drivers in this state haven't been able to crack that tricky 'merge into the other lane when the damn sign tells you to' concept.)  Then there was a stretch in mid-July when there was no construction for about three weeks, and then all of a sudden the boys from MDOT were back out again, with traffic jams galore!  This whole thing is taking longer than my ex-girlfriend picking out dildos at The Shed.  So anyway, playing the guessing game was one thing, but the one thing I have yet to mention was the reason for the lane closures...they wanted to repaint all of the overpasses.


You know I figured with all the lane closures and traffic jams and junk, afterwards maybe US23 would be a little smoother so our cars don't need $450 worth of repairs every year, but boy are we in for a better treat!  Now everytime we drive under an overpass, we can marvel at their pretty gray colors!

The next item concerns clinical research projects.  Since I work for one at U of M, I was reading about other projects going on around the country, and I tell you, there are some great ones that truly deserve all the time and money that they require.  There was one that I loved, as we're finally gonna have the answer to the one question that has plagued mankind for decades:  Do men or women write words better upside down?


Yes sir, someone is actually taking the time and money needed to bring in thousands of men and women to find out which gender is better at writing things upside down...just in case...what, exactly?  Are we gonna have to all write on the insides of cars instead of paper in the future or something?    





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