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The bitch of it is, this was a fairly easy week at work. Sure I had to run around a lot on Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday were fairly simple. Wednesday we had the big breaking news story, but no big deal, it's nothing I haven't had to do a million times. Today was my Friday, the start of a three day weekend and I was feeling good. We had our package shot by 1 and I ended up not doing the liveshot at 5 and 6 because I had to go pick up another live truck from the shop. So by 6pm I was on my way. Freedom was here. Then I got out to the parking lot and couldn't get my car into gear. The gear shift moved as long as I was forcing it with every ounce of strength I have, and even then I could get it into reverse and that's it. So there I am in the parking lot with my 2008 Sebring with a whopping 10,000 miles on it, and it is now a useless piece of tin. See, a little more than a year ago when I ditched the '96 Taurus I had been driving, part of the reasoning had been that I could finally say good-bye to the repair shop. Well for a few years at least. After constant issues with neutral safety switches, timing belts, and wasting hours in places like Clifton, CO I wanted a car that actually ran. So much for that. I called for a tow truck and they actually showed up in just 30 minutes (a new world record). Now I'm not sure how much you know about tow trucks, but generally it helps to get the car on the tow truck if the car is in neutral. Since my car is currently incapable of neutral, I figured this would be interesting. They fought their way into putting it in reverse, and hooked it up to the truck. When it was about halfway up, the hooks gave way and my car went for a short solo trip across the parking lot. "Sorry, I'm kinda new at this," the tow truck driver said, which is exactly the thing you want your tow truck driver to say. Attempt number two was more successful and we were off to the Chrysler dealer, whose service department closed a half hour before we got there. Now in all previous dealings with tow truck service, they drop your car off at the repair shop, then take you home. That's not how they roll in the 904. So I had to bug a coworker to waste his lunch break to come pick me up. Oh, and did I mention all this was happening in the middle of a collect-two-of-every-animal level downpour? Fun times, but now at least I can look forward to three days of enjoying everything that is within easy walking distance of my house.

comments (3) 07-10-2009

The People's Comments:

That sucks... maybe you can take a cab to the beach and not leave, I'm sure there are pairs of things that'll make you forget all about your car.

That sucks. Is there a movie rental place within walking distance? The newest MST set just got released, featuring the awesome Zombie Nightmare starring Adam West! That could get you through a long weekend. Or drinking heavily.

Sucks to hear your weekend's pretty much shot. I seem to remember that the Taurus also had a problem with shifting, n'est-ce pas?

I've never gotten a ride home from a tow truck driver -- but you and I, we definitely roll differently, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

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