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the sad state of prime time

Take all the Emmy winners from last night. You know how many air on broadcast TV? A grand total of FIVE. Yep, five, and that includes The Practice and Frasier which are no longer on the air. Network shows still on the air that won were Arrested Development which is a great show and needs to find an audience, The West Wing (where Allison Janney won for Best Actress) which has been going downhill of late, and Amazing Race which won in the Reality Show catergory, also known as the NFC West of the Emmy's, yeah, they all suck, but someone has to win. I did notice that they specified this catergory was for reality competition shows, which basically means they made a point of excluding PBS's Colonial House, which is a shame because that sub-genre of reality TV is the only one I can really stand. Where CBS sends people to a tropical island and makes them play party games, PBS sends people to an isolated location with no modern technology, while explaining to the audience some of the many ways these people could die. The orriginal version of the show was 1900 House, where the narator explained, 'the family will have to do laundry using scalding water. 2000 kids died from scalding while doing laundry in London alone in 1900.' The highlight of Colonial House was when the local native tribe came to visit and the narator explained that they could be here to trade, or they could be here to kill everyone.

It really should come as no shock to anyone that cable cleaned up at the Emmy's. With Frasier gone from the airwaves, and Rescue Me here, next year could be even more lop-sided. But why can't broadcast TV match what the cable networks offer? It isn't the naughty words that make Sopranos better. Cable shows have simply been ignoring formulas which broadcast TV dishes out over and over and over. Arrested Development is a good start. Hopefully there can be more where that came from. Accepting his award for Best Supporting Actor, David Hyde Pierce said, 'They say that television and comedy in television is changing, and I just want to say, when it changes back, call me.' I hope his phone rings soon.

comments (1) 09-21-2004

The People's Comments:

Oh come on now, there are great shows on the air like Acording to Jim... oh that show just makes me laugh, and laugh and laugh... good times... good time!

Someone just shoot me... wait that's another great shot.. Just Shoot Me, what? Just Shoot Me hasn't been on the air for a few years now? Oops... who cares that show sucked balls.

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