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Defense wins championships

No offense to any Los Angelenos out there (get it Laker fans? 'No offense.' HAHAHAHA, uh, um, sorry), but I just have to trot this phrase out, give it a test drive so to speak. How about those 2004 World Champion Detroit Pistons!!!!! When you gut out the Grant Hill era, the Erik Montross era, the Alan Houston era, heck, the Theo Ratliff era, this is incredibly sweet. To make it even sweeter, in just two months is proud to present the 'ColdCat goes to LA extravaganza.' OK, so I'm actually going there for a friend's wedding instead of simply to gloat over the best damn basketball team in the NBA today, but gloating is one beautiful perk. Man, I love this team.

comments (2) 06-15-2004

The People's Comments:

I'll agree! I just heard who is going to be going along for the ride to L.A. and I'm putting even money that they disapear forever by the time they hit the Mississippi, if not... Salt Lake City.

The 'ColdCat goes to LA extravaganza.' is going to be a big, big mess!

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