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Thank you, CBC!

...for moving Being Erica to Wednesday nights! It was bad enough when I had to check my man card and watch 24 live and watch Being Erica on tape, but when Heroes came back and I had to decide whether to toss my man card, my sap card, or my geek card, that was too much to bear. (I'll let you guess which one I missed, but I'll give you a hint: they replayed it on Saturday.) Now I can watch 24, tape Heroes, and then watch Being Erica on a different night.

The only way it would be more perfect is if CBC allowed us Yanks to watch episodes online. I guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD set to get Haas hooked, eh?

comments (4) 02-09-2009

The People's Comments:

I'm telling you, this is going to be the next big thing.

Added to the pile.

It turns out that "Being Erica" began airing on SoapNet last night. I wonder how much they had to cut out from the Canadian version?

(Full disclosure: the Detroit News reviewer compared the show favorably to "Sex & The City". I'm not going there.)

Add it to the pile, pal. I still haven't watched Smallville Season 2 yet.

damn you Michiganians and your ability to watch Canadian television!! Yeah, well I get to watch. . . um. . . .um. . . .UF womens hoops on Sun Sports. . .uh, so there. *sigh*

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