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I could do this, but I'd rather blame someone else.

I would like to thank John Kerry for talking about the failure of President Bush to fight for the renewal on a ban on assault weapons.   I think it's a great move for Kerry, a Senator for those of you that have forgotten; to point out that President Bush, who is not a congressman, is not pushing had to renew this law.

For those of you who have not yet grasped where I am going let me help you by quoting Kerry:

'But George Bush who says 'Oh, I'm for that' never asked the Congress to pass it, never pushed the Congress to pass it, never stood up, caves into the NRA (National Rifle Association), gives into the special interests and America's streets will not be as safe because of the choice George Bush is making.'

So G-Dub, didn't push Congress to pass a renewal.  Again that was the President didn't press the Congress to do their job. 

So in other words Kerry, who is a congressman, is blaming Bush, for Kerry (himself) not doing his own job.  Kerry is blaming Bush for Kerry's failure of putting a resolution on the floor, or trying to attach the resolution to an appropriations bill (or any other bill for that matter.)

'I mean, heavens to Betsy folks' what Kerry is saying is that he cares even less then Bush.  Bush would have to get someone in congress to put the bill to the floor, where Kerry could just... well do it.  (Side note: Maybe Kerry is looking for the NRA endorsement.)

In my own opinion, which Eric and Kevin will argue against, is that Kerry is betting that you, the American people, are so uneducated, so stupid that you'll have no clue that he rarely shoots straight.  Kerry when speaking is more often then not, is using circular or double talk to convey a mixed message (I believe the dems are calling it 'complex thought.' That reminds me when I used to call cheating; 'creative learning').

I do not think he's right. I do not think the Democrats are right.  I believe that people that have been voting for 40 years know how to vote.  I know that voters no longer just vote who the media/union tells them to vote for. I respect our people and I know that in the end the American Voters will vote on who they think is the right person for the job.  Whether it is Bush or Kerry, it will be an educated population going to the poll, not the mindless morons as I'm sure Kerry would call them behind closed doors.

Where I read this story: Reuters article posted 9-10-04

comments (2) 09-10-2004

The People's Comments:

I must have missed it. But it looks like the Senate did pass a resolution to keep this ban going. The odd part there was 12 cosponsors including Clinton and Levin, but no Kerry. He seems to be absent from the vote too... odd isn't it?

Justin is expecting me to disagree, so here we go. The idea that a President cannot influence the business of the Congress reflects the intentions of the founding fathers, but not the reality of what our government has become. Justin seems to think that when Ol' GW tells Denny 'Wild Thing' Hastert he has an idea, Hastert says, 'Well, Sir, you aren't a member of Congress, so go fuck yourself.' I would love for that to be the case, to prove that the group of elected officials is greater than the singular man, but it isn't. When the man in the Oval Office (no matter who it is) says jump, members of his party in the Legislature say 'how high, Sir?' In the interests of honesty, the President said he would sign an assault weapons ban if one crossed his desk, but GOP'ers in Congress who would do anything for the man have yet to put it on his desk. So sure, perhaps Senator Kerry did simplify things, but at least he didn't outright lie, the way a Republican would. But let's get down to brass tacks here, Justin. As of Monday, it becomes legal to walk around with an AK47. Any plans on buying one?

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