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The What-If Tourny 2008

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when college football pretends to care about history and academics at the expense of crowning a real national champion. Since Carson feels a tournament would be the worst thing to ever happen in football, and possibly trigger the end of the world, I suggest Mr. C- Deezy stop reading now and wax poetic about the history and majesty of the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. As for the rest of you, here are my mock brackets for the What-If NCAA Football Tournament.

           1- Oklahoma

4- Georgia Tech

5- TCU


3- Penn State

6- Troy

          2- Oregon


           1- Utah

4- Boise St

5- Michigan State


3- Oregon St

6- Ball State

             2- Alabama


           1- Florida

4- Boston College

5- Pitt


3- Ohio State

6- East Carolina

          2- Texas Tech


         1- Southern Cal

4- Cincinnati

5- Georgia


3- Va Tech

6- Buffalo

        2- Texas


So what do we have here? Well first of all, Buffalo’s upset of Ball State throws everything into chaos. I just couldn’t ignore the Cardinals 12-1 record, meaning another team in line for an at-large is sitting this one out. What makes 12 win Ball State a six seed, though? They had one quality win (over Central Michigan in Mt. Pleasant) and their non-conference slate included lower division squads Western Kentucky and Northeastern who won four games between them.

Preseason #1 Georgia also falls to a 5 seed, thanks mostly to getting crushed in Jacksonville a month ago by Florida. Their wins over LSU and Vandy were more impressive at the time than they are now, the Tigers only wins since then being over Troy and Tulane and the Commodores losing 6 of their last 7 including one to Duke.

I thought for quite a while the Big East would only go one team deep, but in the end I gave a nod to Pitt. They beat a trio of 7-5 conference rivals, as well as a pretty good Iowa Hawkeyes team. Their bona-fides were certainly better than the team just ahead of them in the standings, Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights lost to UNC, Fresno State, and Navy to open the season, only snapping the losing streak with a win over Morgan State.

Plenty of teams were close, but had flaws I simply could not overlook. Northwestern at 9-3 is once such team. Sure they beat Iowa and seemed single-handedly responsible for Minnesota’s tailspin, but they barely eked out wins over such bottom-dwelling teams as Duke and Michigan.

Also on the outside was BYU. I so wanted to see the Mountain West go three deep, but the decaf Cougars had no spectacular wins and barely squeaked past the worst team in the nation, Washington.

I thought seriously of adding another Big XII squad, but that team almost certainly would have been a solid Oklahoma State (coached by "I'm a Man" Mike Gundy). The Cowboys didn't really have a difficult non-conference schedule, but their division was tougher than some NFL divisions, and they hung with Texas and straight up beat the other Big XII team I was considering, Missouri.

So what would these brackets yield? For one a monster region featuring Javon Ringer, the second best team in the Pac 10, and four teams that entered December without a loss. And how great would that second round game in Salt Lake City be with unbeaten Boise St facing unbeaten Utah? Elsewhere former Big Easties Boston College get a visit from current Big East member Pitt. No bad blood there. Also we might see a USC- Texas regional final, which would be fun and we have a round two game featuring the classy, understated uniforms of Penn State and the fugly monstrosities worn by Oregon.

comments (2) 12-07-2008

The People's Comments:

It's called, some idiot tried to mug a police officer at 11:45 Saturday night and got his ass shot, so I had to stand out there until 3am until the cops came over and told me what was happening, so I was operating on no sleep when I put this together. My original thinking was that Oregon had a stronger schedule, whereas the WAC was not as strong as it has been the past couple years, what with Fresno St and Hawai'i having down years. But upon further review, I notice that Boise St beat Oregon back on September 20, 37-32. So yeah, Boise St should have had that two seed. Thank you, C-Deezy, for pointing that out.

What's the reasoning behind giving Oregon a #2 and giving Boise St a #4? I know you "sports reporters" don't actually watch any of the games, but anyone who can look at their records or their poll position can see that that's just ignorant seeding -- and poorer judgment than the BCS.

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