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Greatest Wedding. . . .EVER!

Ah, true love. It's always special when two young people decide to make that lifelong commitment to each other. That's just what Allison Gwinn and Ryan Leber of St. Augustine, FL did back on November 9. It was a perfect wedding. . . up until Leber's sister told him and their brother Richard that her husband had hit her. The groom couldn't be bothered with eating cake and having sex with his wife, not on his wedding day. No, he and his brother had more important stuff to do, namely sneaking into their sister's hotel room later that night to savagely beat their brother-in-law while he slept. The beating only stopped when the Leber brothers realized their brother-in-law's breathing had become ragged, and nice guys that they are, they began performing CPR on him. They have been charged with aggravated battery and were bonded out of St. John's County jail the following day. Their brother-in-law is still hospitalized. And yet that isn't the worst thing that happened at the wedding. Two guests, Ben Lightsey and his wife Melissa decided to go for a swim after the reception in the Atlantic. Ben blacked out and six hours later he was back in his own bed and Melissa was nowhere to be found. Or so he claimed. When Melissa's body washed up a few days later, there was no water in her lungs, indicated she had died before going in the water, and there were bruises on her head and neck. Ben turned himself in to St. John's County sheriffs Tuesday, charged with Melissa's murder. So, an aggravated battery and a murder. Sounds like a party to me.

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