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Millen's finally done

From yahoo.com:

The Detroit Lions evidently have parted ways with Matt Millen, ending his tumultuous tenure as one of the most maligned sports executives in Motor City history.

The Lions have finally removed the embattled Millen from his post as team president and general manager, FOXSports reported Wednesday.

The web site did not state whether the Lions fired Millen or if the former Pro Bowl linebacker resigned. The Lions have not confirmed or denied the report.

Millen has been the architect of a Lions franchise that has deteriorated into arguably the worst team in the NFL in recent years.

Since Millenís controversial hiring in 2001, the Lions have posted a league-worst 31-84 record and have endured six seasons with double-digit losses.

Despite winning six of their first eight games last season, the Lions finished with a 7-9 record - their best mark during Millenís tenure. Detroit has been brutal in losing its first three games this season, leading to renewed calls for Millenís ouster.

Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr., a Ford Motor Company executive chairman and the son of team owner William Clay Ford, made headlines Monday when he publicly commented that he would fire Millen if he had the authority.


Well, I guess it's about time, eh?  Hopefully Ford can get his old ass together enough to figure out an actual qualified person to run the team this time.  Although I heard this was written on a chalkboard in the Lions' lockeroom after this news broke:


Phase 1:  Fire Millen

Phase 2:     ?

Phase 3:  Profit

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