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of Colts and Cops

So this happened. . . It seems Colts GM Bill Polian heard about the Patriots videotaping shenanigans last season and went a bit off the deep end. He now requires all videographers from the visiting city to wear hunter's orange vests, not the vests supplied by the NFL we would normally wear. Also interesting is the limit of three shooters on the sideline. This would be fine, if Bill Polian actually knew how to count. Sean Taylor (yes, his real name) who shoots video for was denied the chance to shoot video when Colts officials claimed we already had three people shooting. There was my co-worker Pat Kavanaugh and me. How the Colts get to three I have no idea. So the two of us who were shooting got to be followed around all day by off-duty Indianapolis Police Officers, who instructed us that if we shot video of Tony Dungy, we would be immediately removed from the premises. 'Cuz you know, being videotaped steals your soul and all that. In the end, the cops tailing us spent more time watching the game than us, but still. These are municipal police operating in a public, tax funded venue, telling a representative of a media outlet what they can and cannot due, which is slightly unconstitutional. Bill Polian- if Stalin owned a football team.

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