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Ken Jennings finally lost

It's being reported that Ken Jennings has finally lost on Jeopardy. He finishes with 74 days of winnning and near 2.5 million dollars total.
I have to admit, I am sort of a junkie to this Jennings-following...the guy's FREAKIN awesome! Some people say he's just good on the buzzer...well you STILL have to get the damn questions right! I try to keep a running score in my head and sometimes I am lucky enough to get about half of the questions right, which would still leave me in second place. And I suck at Final Jeopardy! So I would never have a chance on the show unless the Final Jeopardy catagory was '1991 Northen Michigan Hockey', then I'd have a chance against the Mormon freak of nature that is Jennings.
So this is a congradulations to him, and to the fact that Jeopardy will have at least another six weeks or so or popularity with the guy until the final show of his run airs.

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Wow, and I thought I had no life... way to make me look better Spike!

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