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Feeling Fay 2- Still waiting

So I said before that this was unlikely to be a big deal, and so far most people in Jacksonville are treating it like that. I went to the beach today and many people were taking advantage of the excellent surfing, but no one was particularly worried. My apartment complex still hasn't boarded up the windows and it doesn't look like people are rushing to the store for supplies. However things have changed with the expectation of what this storm will do. Where before it looked like Fay was heading straight up the peninsula, losing steam all the way, now it looks like she will head off the coast near Cape Canaveral, hang out over the Atlantic for a while, then take a big left turn and make landfall yet again as a catergory one hurricane somewhere near St Augestine. That is about a half hour south of Jacksonville, but still in my viewing area, so I still get to sit on the beach with a live truck and a camera. At one point it was supposed to hit in Ponte Vedra, which is the city immediately south of Jacksonville Beach, so the track has been reworked to the south, but not far enough south to avoid me entirely. So yeah, this thing is heading essentially right for me, and will be far stronger when it hits me than it was when it got to Key West or Ft Myers. We are under a hurricane watch, which is an odd feeling. Our governor keeps holding press conferences saying we should get ready, and the Duval County Emergency Operations Center is on high alert, which sounds serious. I too have stocked up. I know I need food that needs no refrigeration and no electricity to cook, so I went out and got a lot of cereal and potato chips. Also they say to stock up on water, but I really don't drink much water so I stocked up on beer instead. Now I guess, I just sit here and wait.

comments (2) 08-20-2008

The People's Comments:

No windsurfing on the sidewalks !

Glad to hear it's still not a big deal. And if it comes down to that, it wouldn't be the first time that a place you've lived has been declared a disaster area.

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