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Feeling Fay

I want to allay all your fears before they even have a chance to form. I'm not sure how much attention has been paid to this in parts of the country that aren't Florida, but right now there is a bit of a system over Hispaniola called Fay. Right now, she is a tropical storm, but just barely so, and the odds of her falling back into being a tropical depression are far greater than of her gaining steam and becoming a hurricane. Predicted tracks for Fay vary, and none can be all that accurate anyway, but a lot of people seem to think she will travel west along Hispaniola and Cuba, before turning north and heading up the entire length of Florida, reaching Jacksonville sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I want to stress that Fay seems to be making a point of hitting every bit of land in sight, and I must also stress that this is actually very good news. A system like this can only gain steam and power over open water, while traveling over land weakens it considerably. Traveling over Hispaniola specifically weakens a system since the island is very mountainous and it takes a lot of energy for a storm to cross it. So it looks like there is little chance of Fay becoming a hurricane at all, and basically no chance of it being one when it gets here next week. What we've been hearing is 40 mph winds, which is nothing since we got 50 mph winds from just a regular old thunderstorm Wednesday. So you might here about this storm, but DO NOT WORRY. Jacksonville hasn't taken a direct hit from a hurricane since 1964, and we won't be taking one now. That being said, if the system develops and heads our way, standard procedure is to set up cots in the newsroom and have everyone stay at the station, so there is a chance I will not have e-mail access for a time next week. Again, do not worry. This is all in the course of doing business. Meanwhile I plan to enjoy my Saturday on the field at Municipal Stadium as the Jags play their second preseason game against the Miami Dolphins. (Although frankly I think the Jags would benefit more from playing a better team, like say the University of South Florida.) So please do not worry about little old me. Fay won't hurt us, in fact most people in town seem extremely unconcerned. It will be a little bit of rain, nothing more. -Eric

comments (3) 08-16-2008

The People's Comments:

Damn, I thought by the title "Feeling Fay" this was gonna be a link to some soft core porn movie or something. Ah well...

Eh, I don't know if the locals are the best to gauge these situations. They seem to underestimate the storms. (Read: People of New Orleans)

They don't have email access at the TV station? What kind of hack outfit did you join?

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