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defrocked Irish priests at the Olympics

So they run the Olympic marathon on the final day, one of the few times the name of the event and the name of the town where it starts are the same and things are going just fine until about five miles from the end when some asshole in a wierd green and white kilt-like getup runs from the sidewalk and bearhugs the guy from Brazil who was at the time leading the race, carrying him onto the sidewalk on the other side of the course. Luckilly some of the more sane spectators beat the crap out of the nutjob, allowing the Brazillian runner to continue on his way, though he later said the brief diversion shook him up a little (you think) and he fell to third place.

Now, this is not the first time this little ex-man of the cloth has intruded on a sporting event. Last year he ran onto the track at the British Grand Prix. OK, so I guess running onto the course to bearhug a 110 pound guy from Brazil shows a little more sanity than running onto the course to play chicken with a bunch of cars doing 200 mph, but still. He got a whopping 2 months in jail for that stunt. It's too bad the Grand Prix drivers didn't kill him when they had the chance. He'll get another short jail stint from the Greek authorities, then he'll get out and likely do this again. I just hope it's in the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup Finals or Wrestlemania, where the larger and more agresive, and more likely to punish him immediately for doing what absolutely no one should ever do.

comments (1) 08-29-2004

The People's Comments:

Can you imagine what the fans of a wrestlemania event would do to the guy? I am sure manslaughter charges would be involved... the only question is how painful and creative his death would be.

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