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Finally I can shave my six month playoff beard

2007 Detroit Red Wings + Mattheu Schneider & Todd Bertuzzi = no cup

2007 Anaheim Mighty Ducks without Schneider & Bertuzzi = Stanley Cup

2008 Anaheim Mighty Ducks + Mattheu Schneider & Todd Bertuzzi = no cup

2008 Detroit Red Wings without Schneider & Bertuzzi = STANLEY F'N CUP!!!


I guess what I'm really trying to say is...thanks Matt & Todd!

Also, thanks for Babcock, Anaheim.


Next time you come to Michigan Bryan I'm getting you a Wings pennant!

comments (3) 06-05-2008

The People's Comments:

You can keep your [bleepin'] pennant!

Um, where do I start. How about here: We're the Anaheim Ducks now. We don't need the "Mighty" anymore. Luckily, I get to keep my upcoming first round pick since the Pens weren't able to come through. War Lakers!

Is that what that peach fuzz was? I guess I can shave mine too.

My only regret? Not being able to watch CBC in digital because they aren't rolling out their digital conversion in Windsor for another three years. For game 5, I flipped off the sound from WDIV and listened to WDFN. This game, WDIV's digital signal was cutting out, so I had to swing the antenna around to pick up WILX, and the delay from WDFN (probably because of the distance to Pittsburgh) meant suffering through the NBC commentary.

Did anyone else catch the hecklers harassing Smilovitz and Redmond (again) during the pre-game?

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