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Valet parking a Taurus

One little loose end from the LA trip to tie up. The wedding itself was at a very ritzy oceanside club that had valet parking. You normally associate valet parking with higher end vehicles. I drive a 1996 Ford Taurus. When we dropped by Friday evening for the rehersal, I assumed I could park the damn thing myself (I mean parking a car isn't that difficult, except in Ann Arbor, MI where there are no spaces) but they had no places to park, you had to hand the keys over to the valets. Now, keep in mind this was about 12 hours after we had pulled into town. Four guys operating on almost no sleep, driving a car that was filled with empty pop cans, candy wrappers, and the strong smell of sweaty nutbag, and let us not forget the topper, a mere 30 hours earlier the right rear tire had exploded on I-70 and there were some major black marks near the wheel well. All the other cars pulling in were high end BMW's and Benzes and not one of them appeared to have just had a tire explode.

Now I can just imagine the thought going through the mind of the valet. 'Oh man, no more of those crappy German cars. I get to park a TAURUS!!' I almost asked the guy, 'now son, have you ever driven a Taurus before? It's got some get up and go, but there's a nasty wobble when you hit 75.' I'll bet it was quite the head-turner among the valets. 'Oh wow, a car built right here in this country, by people who make a hell of a lot more that me, thanks to the UAW.'

comments (4) 08-24-2004

The People's Comments:

Did you get the UAW parking discount?

Did he get a Taurus size tip or a BEEMER size tip?


I wish I could have been there for that one.

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