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New Show debuts

As mentioned before, FOX has chosen to ditch the entire idea of debuting shows in the fall, and some of the new programs are on the air already. Tonight we get 'Casino' featuring two dopes who buy a Las Vegas gambling parlor. The two guys are on screen for all of five minutes as the producers seem more into following a two-bit lounge singer, a dopey guy who's friends are trying to get him laid, and the world's most annoying high-roller. The singer tries to tell the entertainment coordinator that he wants to avoid the corn-ball stuff and be orriginal. Too late. The high-roller has a laugh that makes you cringe and an all around attitude that makes you want to kick him in the nuts. When it turns out he counts cards, I wanted the bosses to take him on a ride out of town and 'take care of bid-ness' but sadly, the casino of reality TV and the casino from the mob flick are worlds apart. It's no accident the mob flick is far more entertaining. This show sucks.

Another new show debuted just before it, 'North Shore' however I ran into a scheduling conflict (OK, I was playing MVP 2004 on Playstation and lost track of time) so I will try to review the show next week, if it survives that long.

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