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Nov 29, 2011

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Nov 27, 2011

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Oct 11, 2010

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Oct 01, 2010



Celebrating 1000 FWC pictures

It didn't get much fanfare, but Monday's picture was the 1000th picture posted for LifeWithJustin's "Fun With Captions" feature. Over the nearly four years since the feature was added to LWJ, it has easily become the most visited part of the site, generating nearly 6000 captions and many thousands of votes -- so many that Justin has had to reset the vote totals at least twice!

I admit to bagging on Justin more than I should about the quality of the pictures, but it's because I remember when the pictures inspired some really FUNNY captions. For this feature, I had planned to go through all 1000 pictures, trolling for the best captions of the bunch -- but a) there's no easy way to do it besides going through each page, and I've got shit to do, and b) there were plenty from the early days, so many that I'll need to revisit this theme again.

So, without further adieu, here are some of the funniest captions from the first 250 FWCs!

Things haven't been the same since Powell ended the last cabinet meeting by saying 'Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, I'm out.'
Posted By: coldcat | Vote

Ah yes, this was from when my ex-girlfriend resorted to writing 'get your fucking hands off me' across her front, despite me making no advances toward her at all. Thanks for finding the pic, Justin!
Posted By: haas | Vote

The Food Network's foray into cross-branding ends abruptly once executives realize that the Spice Channel isn't really about spices.
Posted By: cdeezy

Man, I hope that is a bomb sniffing dog. Because if it's a drug sniffing dog, I think we'll be missing Rasheed for game 5.
Posted By: crashnet | Vote

'Lets see you try to hop on a bus to New Mexico now, bitch'
Posted By: coldcat | Vote

Either the world's worst game of touch football broke out at the reception, or one of the bridesmaids is trying to hide a balloon of heroin up the bride's ass. You make the call, America!
Posted By: haas | Vote

This is what happens when your mom kicks you out of the house for looking at too much porn. Believe me, I know.
Posted By: haas | Vote

''See now, Laura? THIS is why we're Republicans!''
Posted By: cdeezy

This woman bears a really uncanny resemblance to that hooker I picked up that one night I passed out and woke up in the morning missing my gall bladder. I think I might have to make a trip to this 'Rakuten' place and try to get some retribution.
Posted By: mr-excitement | Vote

This just goes to show that even a freaky white guy who likes to dance with boys, has substantial amounts of porn, and pours alcohol into coke cans still has girls who want to get into his pants... Justin, there's still hope man!!
Posted By: zg2u | Vote

It's a shame my ex-girlfriend wasn't there, she could've fit the entire word 'pedophile' across her stomach.
Posted By: haas | Vote

Even though the pussy is small, it will eventually win.
Posted By: lordlonely | Vote

Justin, if this is your way of saying you want to get a cat, that's fine with me. Seems kinda gay, but it's fine with me.
Posted By: datdjrobp | Vote

The proctologist stops by Justin to check out the ass reaming over the 'I hate Justin' craze
Posted By: lordlonely | Vote

'The Patriots won two in a row. I guess you wouldn't know anything about that, George.'
Posted By: coldcat | Vote

comments (2) 05-13-2008

The People's Comments:

Ahh yes, the good old days where I had a bit more time to find photos that were truly funny. Man ... I miss those days.

I guess this means we've made it to 1000 ex-girlfriend jokes too!

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