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Sometimes, I just have to stop and say "WTF?!"  That's how it sounds, too -- I'm so flabbergasted that all of the sounds run together and it sounds like "WTF?!"  Here are two items from the Ann Arbor News' "police beat" section that made me do just that.

  • Item 1:  Guy sees dude trying to push woman into a van.  Guy asks if everything is OK and tells woman that she didn't have to get into the van.  Dude tells guy to mind his own business and drives off with woman.  Guy goes into store and calls the police to report the incident.

With me so far?  Because here's where it gets weird:  a few minutes later, guy is at a red light.  Dude apparently is at the same red light and starts yelling at the guy.  Guy apparently isn't very smart because he gets out of his vehicle and gets punched in the face.  And then two women -- INCLUDING THE ONE THAT WAS PUSHED INTO THE VAN -- get out of the van and start stomping the guy!

But wait, there's more!  Another guy, who just happened to be passing by, stops his car, PULLS OUT A GUN, and points it at the dude and the two women to get them to stop stomping the guy.

By now, if you're anything like me, you're asking yourself, "so, when do the police show up?"  Let me quote from the original piece:  "Police responded to several calls reporting a man holding people at gunpoint."


Remind me not to play "Good Samaritan" unless I'm packing heat, because that seems to be the only way to get police backup.

  • Item 2:  Girl is closing up at a restaurant on some date in a six-day period.  Her manager asks her to lift up her blouse.  She lifts her blouse, and he touches her. 

Sounds normal, or at least plausible, right?  (Just accept the "some date in a six-day period" part --  this sort of thing apparently happens so often that the particular date wouldn't register.)  So why did the police get involved?  According to the detective, he "touched her WITHOUT CONSENT" (emphasis mine).


I guess strip clubs are an important part of our educational system:  you can look, but don't you dare touch.

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Ahh... nothing like the quite life in the A-Deuce

Ahh... nothing like the quite life in the A-Deuce

Actual Mining Journal MQT Police Log entry: > 2:41 p.m., destruction of property, bowl of oatmeal dumped on car, 1900 block of Werner.

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