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re: Idiots

Or the word "idiots" could've originated from the people in the Michigan Democratic Primary who decided to ignore the whole "only four democratic primaries before February 5th" rule and move the Michigan Primary ahead so they could have "more of an influence on the nominations like Iowa and New Hampshire" and force me to go to the polls with the overwhelming tough choice between "Hillary Clinton" and "Uncommitted."  I know I could write "Obama" as a write-in, but...oh wait, that won't count. Never mind.

Or "idiots" could've come from the people who came up with the whole primary rule in the first place, or the millions of people who only vote for a candidate based on one issue like abortion or gun control or religious preference while ignoring everything else the candidate stands for, or the people who've allowed the parties and candidates to turn the whole election process into basically a glorified edition of "Survivor."

To quote the great George Carlin, I will be staying home on Tuesday, doing essentially what the candidates will be doing.  But the difference is when I get done masturbating, I'll have a little something more to show for it.

Or "idiots" could've originated from people like me who've started living their lives based on what stand-up comedians tell them!

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