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The Heart Conspiracy

To try to keep myself from ballooning up more than I already am this winter, I'm trying to keep exercising by taking little hour-long jogs/walks and whatnots with my ipod.  Being a child of the 80's and a complete idiot I decided to put almost every song that charted in the 80's on the ipod and put the thing on "shuffle" mode everytime I went out, so it could be like my own little 80's station and I'd never know what it would play next!  Yeah, this is where my life is at, okay?

So anyway, I've went out the past four days and I've noticed something sort of strange...out of the 1280 total 80's songs I put on the ipod (I'm thorough, what can I say?) I've heard a song by Heart EVERY day.  Some days two or three times.  It's played "These Dreams" like three times already, "Alone" twice as well as others like "What About Love" and "Nothin' At All" 

Does anyone think this is sort of strange?  I know on "shuffle" mode anything is possible because it's supposedly random, but come on!  Out of 1280 songs it plays a damn Heart song every freaking day so far?  I have yet to even hear anything by Madonna or Prince and they got WAY more songs on there than Heart does. 

You think the Wilson sisters need money and they got it in with Apple or something?   

comments (2) 11-26-2007

The People's Comments:

Here's my theory: iTunes allows you to rank songs using a 5-star system. Knowing Haas, he probably has given some sort of ranking to every Heart song on his iPod.

Try this test -- open iTunes on your computer. Pick a song -- say, Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" -- and give it a five-star ranking by clicking the right-most star, then add it to your iPod. See if you can get through your job without hearing it at least once.

Come to think of it, you should probably pick a song that isn't already on your iPod for the test.


Haas --

I've had the same thing happen to me with my iPod. I thought it was just me! Mine keeps playing Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters when I shuffle. Like you, I've got a lot more stuff from other artists than these guys. Come to think of it, my iPod rarely plays anything from AC/DC on shuffle mode (my most favorite-ist band of all time). I am also plagued by Dane Cook bits. Ugh.

My theory is that the iPod (or even iTunes) "remembers" when you play a particular song on purpose and then recalls that artist when you shuffle in order to give you a better listening experience. That's not fact, just an assumption. Anyway, if it gets to be too much, I think there's a way to shuffle with no repeat.

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