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Extreme Driving

Here's the schedule. I get of work Tuesday night at perhaps 10:30 or 11 PM. From there I drive to Howell to pick up WILX jack of all trades Kevin Trenkle and this guy named Jim and hopefully by midnight we are on our way to California, driving all night to arrive in Denver by Wednesday night to stay with friends, and in Los Angeles Thursday evening to hang out in south central and, god-willing, dine at the In and Out Burger on Sunset. Over the span of 48 hours we will spend about 30 in a car. Then there's the trip back. I have to work next Tuesday, and I think we may have secured tickets to Sundays Angels-Tigers game at the Ed (or whatever they call it these days) thus giving us about 41 hours to drive 30. This is gonna be fun. Giving I have done this sort of thing before. On one Thanksgiving weekend I had to work Thursday afternoon, drive from Marquette to Petoskey for dinner Thursday night, after some light shopping Friday morning drive back to Marquette to work Friday night, then Saturday I drove to Grand Rapids for Mustard Plug's 10th anniversary show, after which I drove back to Marquette so I could work at noon Sunday. 24 hours worth of driving, I crossed the Mackinac Bridge 4 times, and I put in 12 hours of work, compared to about 10 hours of sleep. Yeah, this is gonna be fun.

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